The Disability Law Center



In order to use our advocacy resources in the most effective way possible, DLC undergoes an annual priority setting process.  An important part of that effort is to seek input from a broad range of people in the disability community.   We ask that you take a moment and share your thoughts with us about our priorities.  If you go to our Priorities Page, you can get a detailed description of our current priorities. Please call us, e-mail us or comment below with your thoughts as to the areas of law or legal issues where DLC should concentrate its resources.

 DLC is committed to working on behalf of individuals with disabilities to ensure that they have the rights and supports necessary to be fully integrated members of the community.  Our current work addresses the following:  special education, rights of individuals in facilities, access to health care, voting rights, discrimination as a result of disability, and access to government services.


What are the greatest challenges of living in the community for individuals with disabilities?

What areas should DLC consider devoting resources to that it currently is not?



If you would like to be contacted by a member of the DLC staff to discuss our priorities please provide us with your e-mail and/or telephone number and a staff member will contact you.  This information maybe helpful to us if we have follow-up questions about your suggestion.


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